Municipality: Montferri, Vila-Rodona

Region: Alt Camp

Chronology: 2th ac Century - 8th dc Century

Developer: Constècnia 3, SL

Dates: June 2018 - July 2019

A site with an extension of more than a km in diameter, action was taken because it was affected by the improvement work on the C-51 road, as it passed through Vilardida. Four large areas with archaeological remains could be distinguished: from east to west, a road, possibly dating back to Roman times; a necropolis of the 7th-8th centuries; an Iberian habitat; and finally, the remains of a late ancient villa. Subsequent excavations determined that everything corresponded to the same settlement that had evolved from the Iberian stages to the Islamic period. Also, during the excavation, the walls of the villa were consolidated, as well as different deposits of lime mortar and opus signinum.

The tasks to be carried out at the Vilardida site have consisted of the archaeological excavation of all those sectors affected by the passage of the new road, directly or indirectly; also the archaeological consolidation of the structures of the villa (mortar walls, lace, and pavements of opus signinum) that should be hidden by the passage of the road; and finally the geotextile coverage of all the remains that were not affected by the road works. Consequently, we consider that 100% of the works carried out are analogous and mimetic to some of those that must be developed in the castle of Castellvi de la Marca: archaeological excavation, consolidation of structures, waterproofing of crowns and walls, adaptation and protection of spaces ...